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Chieh (aka J) Hsiung

Something that a lot of dancers are concerned about in regards to the Home Stage project is whether or not their home is big enough, or nice enough to be a part of the project.

To answer them I say, "That is kind of the point."

If you aren't too familiar with the Home Stage concept, the whole point of it is to see the kinds of environments dancers actually live in. 

Usually, when we see dancers, they are up on a big stage with lights and props. Or we see them out in the wide open streets of cities, or rooftops. Often we see them in nature and in photo studios. And while dancers may feel most comfortable on stage, performing, expressing themselves and others through movement, it is not their home. And it is not all there is to them.

So that is the reason behind Home Stage. To get a glimpse of what dancers are really like when they are not on stage. J is a good example of this. Her home is very small. It is so small, I could barely even get in the door with my camera bag. Her home is little more than a bedroom and a kitchen. But it is still her home, and in it she can be herself.

David Perkins