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That’s right folks! HomeStage, the original photo series documenting dancers in their own homes, is finally fulfilling its grand purpose.. to travel!

February 2019 will mark the 5th anniversary of my HomeStage project. Back in 2014 I was back in NYC living with strangers I met on Craigslist. A few months earlier I had left my full time job as a studio manager to pursue my freelance career. It wasn’t going so well. I was actually below the poverty line trying to hustle my way through photo assisting jobs just so I could make rent. The necessities left nothing in my wallet to put towards my photography. When I was in college I began using my own apartment as my studio. It allowed me to shoot whenever I felt like it, offering me immense creative freedom. But in NYC, apartments are much smaller and studio space is a lot more expensive.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t afford to photograph dancers in a studio where I felt most at home with my photography. I didn’t want to be one of those photographers that shoots dancers in the woods or on streets and rooftops. Nothing about that appealed to me and my creative needs. So I looked at what all was out there in the dance photography world. I saw what was being done and over done and I came to the conclusion… Dancers are always being photographed doing iconic poses, always performing. No one was photographing dancers as themselves. A dancer is not an arabesque. A dancer is not a plié. A dancer is a human being with a life outside of rehearsals and performances. So I set out to document who these dancers were off stage and find out who they really are in their most intimate space, their homes.

And to honor all these wonderful dancers and to continue my most beloved project, I aim to explore these dancers all around the country and hopefully someday the world.

So to kick things off… CALIFORNIA!

If you’re a dancer interested in being a part of Home Stage, here’s some info for you!

  • I plan to visit FOUR cities:
    -San Francisco
    -Santa Barbara
    -Los Angeles
    -San Diego

  • The time and order in which I visit will depend entirely on who is available and when!

  • If you are interested, please contact me with the following:
    -Name and location
    -A rough idea of when you’ll be in the city (which months, your tour schedules, etc)
    - Your IG or portfolio website
    - A brief history of your dance experience and specialties

Can’t wait to hear from all you lovely dancers out there!


David Perkins